Twins Data Quality Suite

Complex matching technology with an easy to use interface

Twins Data Quality Suite utilises highly intelligent and sophisticated tools that you need to cleanse, validate and remove duplicates from your data effortlessly, it also features the following data quality tools:

De duplications of Address

Twins Data Quality Suite features highly intelligent and sophisticated record matching technology that is designed to detect as many duplicates as possible while minimizing mismatches. While complex, this technology is user friendly. It allows you to produce state of the art results with innovative ease of use and simplicity.

Twins Data Quality Suite is constantly superseding inferior de-duplication products and in-house systems. The Twins software is ground breaking, being viable for organisations where it was not previously considered, or was dismissed as to hard to achieve for too little benefit.

Super accurate parsing technology is run behind the scenes in Twins. Combined with weighted phonetic matching and other complex algorithms, such as postal locality awareness feature and other unique technologies, it delivers phenomenal results.

Aside from the base matching technology, Twins features all the cross-referencing, reporting, validation screens, and specialized tools you need to streamline your path to quality results.

Address List Washing

Performing a wash is where instead of merging two files and removing the duplicates found within and between both files you are able to compare two files against each other and either delete records from one file where they appear in the other or transfer fields between the records matched. Twins wash uses the same advanced matching technology used in normal de-duplication to match one list against another.

Wash is commonly used to work with do not mail/stop files or to compare a prospecting file against your existing customer database without merging them. As well as the value of being able to transfer obvious details such as telephone numbers, cross referencing lists against each other quickly and accurately is the key to effective CRM and one-to-one database profiling.

Australian Address Cleansing

Twins Data Cleansing Suite uses the Australian Postal Address File with its sophisticated address matching technology to make validating, formatting and repairing addresses a breeze. Complying strictly with Australia Post AMAS rules and the Australian Standards Twins Data Cleansing Suite will turn messy addresses into high quality data at astonishing speeds of 100,000 records in 4 minutes on a standard desktop PC with no manual interaction required.

Australian Advanced Address Repair

Advanced Address Repair uses cutting edge technology without the restrictions of AMAS rules to clean even the most difficult data with 100% accuracy. The Advanced Address Repair feature comes with a fully automated component that repairs addresses without the need for any manual interaction and an interactive mode that can be later used for subjective records that could not be repaired automatically.

New Zealand Address Cleansing

Similar to the Australian Address Cleansing, Twins using its New Zealand Postal Address File with its sophisticated address matching technology to make validating, formatting and repairing of New Zealand addresses just as easy. Twins New Zealand Address Cleansing feature also has advanced suburb and town manipulation technology that does not require any postcode to repair common locality line mistakes often seen with New Zealand Addresses.

Australian Phone Number Formatting

The Australian Phone Number Formatting makes it easy to validate and format phone numbers to the Australian Standards. Twins uses the preloaded phone number format specification from Austel to intelligently format phone numbers based on their number ranges. Missing area codes can easily be added and phone numbers can be easily separated from their area code. Phone numbers are validated on number sequence only.

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How to identify & remove duplicates from a name and address list with Twins

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