Twins is built on the belief that software does not need to be complicated to achieve world class professional results. Twins’ user friendly interface empowers even the most non-technical of people to perform tasks that were previously in the realms of only the most technically minded. All of your Twins requirements are installed by running a simple non-technical setup program, it really is that easy! 

Just because it is easy to install, easy to use and able to run on a standard Windows desktop does not mean it lacks power. Not only can Twins handle huge capacities of up to 2 million records but it can also process at blistering speeds with unbelievable accuracy. 

At DataTools we realise it is not enough to have great software if it is not compatible to use with your existing systems. This is why Twins leads the market in support for third-party file formats including the most popular text, spreadsheet and database files. It doesn’t stop there; not only does support over 45 different file formats, it also has the added capability for other file formats with ODBC driver support. 

If supporting so many file formats was not enough, Twins also makes working with different file structures child’s play. You can also easily consolidate fields from various structures into common fields with just one click thus eliminating the need to perform any pre-processing on the data before importing it into the software. Twins also has up to 200 user defined fields that makes processing related data with the names and addresses extremely straightforward.

Twins Mailing Suite

Twins Mailing Suite features the tools you need to gain the maximum savings available through Australia Post’s mailing services

Twins Mailing Suite simplifies the following mailing systems: 

– Barcode Mail Pre-Sort
– Print Post
– Linehaul 
– Consolidation
– Impact Mail 

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Twins Data Quality Suite

Twins Data Quality Suite utilizes highly intelligent and sophisticated tools that you need to cleanse, validate and remove duplicates from your data effortlessly. 

Twins Data Quality Suite features the following data quality tools:

– De duplications of Address
– Address List Washing
– Australian Address Cleansing
– New Zealand Address Cleansing
– Phone Number Formatting

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