Returns Management system for barcoded mailings

Pigeon Address Returns Management Benefits

So much time and money is spent developing efficient mail production solutions and honing address database accuracy that more often than not, the study of how to effectively handle the ever present reality of direct mail; returned mail, is overlooked.

A surprising number of organizations totally miss the opportunity to turn a negative (the wasted mail piece) into a positive (database record validation) and simply resort to the circular filing cabinet for these unfortunate items. Current returns management systems usually have operators searching databases for the relevant record, trying to find the department, marketing campaign or actual person that the piece originated from.
For an organization with limited human resources, or many departments generating volumes of correspondence and direct mail the overheads of managing this process can be substantial.

Thanks to the advent and general acceptance of bar-coded mail, intelligent returns processing is now much easier to achieve and offers a wide variety of benefits and savings.

Database Maintenance

When an item comes back, the record in your database should be flagged immediately to avoid further waste, relative to other forms of database validation this method can be quite cost effective.

Lower Mailing Costs

Keeping a file of names and addresses that fail and extracting these from all future mailings will lower the cost of your mail, the more returns you capture, the more of an asset this stop file becomes.

Commercial Security

Correspondence that has been returned can be tracked and placed back on the desk of the sender unopened by the mail room, this ensures that confidential details are kept that way.

Accurate Response Rates from Direct Marketing Campaigns

The rule of thumb is that only one out of three pieces of dead mail make it back to the sender. By taking the number of returned items and multiplying it by three, you will be able to estimate the number of items to subtract from your campaign when calculating response rates.

Discounts from List Brokers

If it is a rented or purchased list, the list of returns can be used to redeem the list costs of the returned items, depending on your list agreement.

Better Service

Knowing who sent a piece of correspondence that has been returned is vital information, the person who sent it can then execute or initiate the follow up of that item before the intended recipient has to call in.

Lower Data Entry Costs

Bar-coded returns processing is very cost effective, allowing you to capture more returned mail far more accurately and vastly faster than traditional methods, the ability to do this without opening the item makes it even faster and more convenient.
Simply purchasing this file and individually searching for these records every time you get new data is ineffectual and expensive.
Using Twins ensures that communications are not accidentally wasted on unwilling targets, even when registered details differ from that on your database. The great thing about these benefits is that with the right advice and equipment they are relatively quick and easy to achieve.

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