Rapid Addressing Tool

Easily integrated interactive address validation

Achieve Address Accuracy

The Rapid Addressing Tool gives you the confidence that address details have been captured correctly, allowing you to use the address without the fear of wastage, returned mail or embarrassing delays as customers wait for information.

Less than 1 in 3 incorrectly addressed items are ever returned. In normal circumstances a simple and common mistake such as a customer not mentioning a unit number, or an operator assuming they know the spelling of a street name or suburb can cause wastage and embarrassment for many years before being discovered. The Rapid Addressing Tool allows operators to identify and easily correct these anomalies at the time of capture to build a database you can have faith in.

The Rapid Addressing Tool also standardises all addresses captured, allowing you to capture clear, compact address details across your entire team regardless of training or background.

Capture Addresses Faster

Capturing addresses takes time. Time on the phone. Your time and your customers time. Time that could be better spent communicating with your customer, entering the next record or taking another call.

Not only does the Rapid Addressing Tool save up to 90% of the keystrokes required to capture an address, it also saves the time normally spent confirming difficult spellings, deciphering hand writing, and looking for out of the way place names and postcodes. When taking address details over the telephone the Rapid Addressing Tool allows operators to capture details easier and faster than ever before, boosting customer service at the same time as improving productivity.

Save on Postage

An extra benefit is that most organisations can profit from the fact that Australia and New Zealand’s postal authorities both offer cheaper postage rates when validated mail is presented and lodged in the correct manner.

Act Now

The Rapid Addressing Tool is a cost effective and easily integrated solution. Delaying its implementation will only cost you money as defected addresses continue to pollute your database and operators continue to waste time capturing details inefficiently. 

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