File Processing Command

Data Quality File Processing Commands for process automation

Automate without Programming

The DataTools File Processing Commands allow you to easily integrate data quality steps into your export or update procedures without the need for programming. Simply edit a batch file and settings file using notepad to automate the process of DPID allocation to any text based flat file. The process can then be repeated by double clicking an icon or fired off automatically from third party applications making regular processing of data a breeze.

No Limits

The File Processing Command will work with an unlimited number of fields and unlimited file size.

High Speed

Processing speeds of over 100,000 records in under 5 minutes on a regular desktop PC saves investment in expensive dedicated machines and allows high volume in-line processing to be achieved in a fraction of the time.

Lower Costs

The FPC allows you to add data quality and barcoding to legacy applications at a fraction of the costs of direct integration using the resources you already have.

Compatible Reports

The FPC produces resultant mail production and manifest reports in text format allowing the import of this data into third party reporting tools for you own unique production reporting.

Act Now

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FPC is blisteringly fast and exceptional accurate. A job which used to take us 15 minutes now takes only 45 seconds.

Michael L.

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